Friday, August 12, 2011

Reading, 2.0

I originally set this blog up as a place to review books I was reading and to have a little practice at talking about books (since that was pretty much my entire life as a student). It morphed into a school project my last semester of college, and now it has lain dormant since December.

It think it's time to pick things back up.

But this time I'm not limiting myself to book reviews.

What exactly I'm going to expand to, I'm not yet sure, but I have some ideas.
  • Link ups. There are a couple of blogs on there on the interwebz that offer literature/writing related link ups, which offer great inspiration AND an opportunity to bring in new readers.
  • Book reviews...That I haven't written. I'm not sure if this is a cop-out or not, but I like the idea of actually going through some book reviews and then sharing them with a larger audience.
  • Reviewing movies/T.V. shows based on books. I LOVE getting ticked off about movies that don't do the book their based on justice. I just love getting ticked off, period.
  • My own writing. So, I write things other than crappy blog posts, you know. I might, very occasionally, post those writings here.
That's what I've got so far. I may find myself doing all of these or none (though I think "none" is unlikely). What with college being done and behind me I want to have a project that requires me to do at least a little thinking; I don't want to forget how, you know?

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